Alternative penalties must be sought without excluding the concept of imprisonment: Álvaro Uribe

Bogotá, 30 de septiembre de 2015 (CD). The former President, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, reiterated that if those responsible of heinous crimes are not imprisoned, as a result, there will be new violence. “This agreement has problems that worry a lot; for example, the absence of jail, the absence of at least a farm for agriculture with prison conditions for those who have incurred in heinous crimes; this is why this agreement produces all sorts of concerns that make it a generator of a new violence in Colombia”, he assured.
“There could be options, for example, to reduce the number of years in prison; an alternative penalty without excluding the concept of a serious imprisonment, I say this as an example, farms for agriculture, but with prison conditions, this is important, not abstract farms for agriculture, I refer to farms with prison conditions”, he emphasized.
He lamented that under this agreement with the Government, Farc leaders are looking forward to declare themselves as victims without admitting their terrorist actions.
“Farc are viewing this from their victim angle, they don’t feel as victimizers; they see this from an angle of a right of belligerency, but not from the reality of their terrorist actions”, Uribe Vélez explained.
He said that this is a justice agreement, that includes a slant against the Armed Forces and the civilians, “that will force them to admit crimes that they did not commit so that they wouldn’t be taken to jail, with a terrible precedent for Colombian justice”.
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