Colombia shouts out, if you mess with Uribe, you mess with me

Bogotá, october 08 2015 (CD) The Santos-Maduro-Timochenko-Montealegre electoral axis referred to the congressmen from the Centro Democrático as “terrorists” for disagreeing with their “peace process”, which is really a pact for impunity and eligibility for FARC terrorists. 

This axis is trying to silence ex-president Uribe through political vengeance, hidden under criminal proceedings with legal appearance. The prosecutor’s office has prefabricated testimonies in complicity with alias “Don Berna” in order to make a political lynching to Centro Democrático and its founder. 

The obsession to legitimize the FARC in the universal concert is reaching extremes such as even allowing alias “Timochenko” to be a possible candidate for the presidency in 2018. 

Ex-president Uribe is the leader of the Colombian Nation. He has dedicated his entire life to the country. He represents the highest peak of excellence as a public server. He deserves Colombians to support him and to reject the attempt of trying to violate his constitutional immunity as former President.

Colombia shouts out, if you mess with Uribe, you mess with me

The response against the Santos-Maduro-Montealegre-Timochenko axis is to support Uribe by voting on October 25 for his candidates, the candidates of Centro Democrático.