The government is affecting democratic freedoms: Uribe

 Sabaneta, Antioquia, 17 de octubre de 2015 (CD)The ex-president and Senator Alvaro Uribe reiterated this Saturday that the government of Juan Manuel Santos continues affecting the democratic freedoms.

 " (The government) is allowing many politicians to buy mayors and governors with money. And elections in many different places are being turned into businesses to make investments. How sad!", Uribe said to to the media in Sabaneta, Antioquia.

 He added that what the government wants is to impose to the Congress, "Chavez-style Enabling Laws, that gave him all faculties, and that, in this case, would incorporate everyone agreeing with the FARC, which means a derogatory for popular democracy and for the rights of the people".

 Finally, he sent a message to the people from Antioquia: "I have never failed you, I have always tried not to fail. Help me elect Juan Carlos Velez as Mayor of Medellin and Andrés Guerra as the Governor of Antioquia".

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