Communiqué / Message from Centro Democrático party to the political parties allied with the Colombian Government


Bogotá, March 03, 2016 (CD).


Prensa Centro Democrático

Bogotá, March 03, 2016 (CD).


  1. Colombia was not used to a democratic opposition party widely supported by people, proactive in considering and discussing our nation's evolvement, and eager to make proposals aimed at ensuring that Colombian institutions are protected.


  1. We neither have asked nor will ask for anything against the Colombian Constitution and laws or any privilege whatsoever for our members. We do demand respect for our rights, as Colombians, to defend our members' life and reputation, without any legal or political bias.


  1. Everyone should always remember that subversion of Colombia democracy has actually been the intent of terrorist organizations such as Farc, Bacrim (criminal gangs), and Eln.


  1. There is a number of evidences of and clues to other countries and international courts being aware of a wicked alliance between the executive branch and the judicial branch of Colombia, against those who have been subjected to cruel and inhuman impeachments in Colombia just for supporting the views and beliefs of former president Álvaro Uribe Vélez. Even though persecution is arranged in halls, clubs, and palaces, it is still persecution.


  1. If some argue that is not persecution, why are so many ministers and officials from the incumbent Colombian administration still free if Centro Democrático party members and former president Uribe's collaborators were indicted, jailed, and persecuted for less important matters than those of the above-mentioned officials we are ineluctably getting used to?


  1. Furthermore, some forget that the Office of the Inspector General of Colombia requested that those sentenced for political reasons or for supporting our views or being members of our party be absolved of any crimes.


  1. Some are mistaken to think that there will be peace in Colombia if, while pardoning and giving actual terrorists eligibility for politics, they also approve jailing and indicting those who were part of the former Colombian administration that weakened those terrorists so much that they were forced to start peace talks with the incumbent Colombian administration.


  1. We exhort them to consider if, in order to be awarded positions and agreements – or “carrots” in bureaucratese –, it is worth jeopardizing national security, liberty, and peace that way.


  1. We will continue to pacifically resist, under this ruined democracy, the persecution and fabrications from Juan Manuel Santos administration and his put-up job with a corrupt sector from the judiciary.


Óscar Iván Zuluaga


Centro Democrático Party Chairman