Letter from Thomas and Jerónimo Uribe Moreno to Attorney General of Colombia


Montería, Marzo 02, 2016

Montería, March 02, 2016


Eduardo Montealegre Lynnet
Attorney General of Colombia
José Fernando Perdomo
Vice-Attorney General of Colombia


Dear Sirs:

Throughout the last year, we were informed by various individuals who made representations about both the Office of the Attorney General and the Office of the President of the Republic of Colombia allegedly bribing Mr. James Arias into linking us with the criminal acts he is now accused of. We have been provided with written copies of four out of these six representations; two of them are under oath. Four out of these six representations are from very close people to Mr. Arias. Three out of those six are related to the Office of the President of the Republic of Colombia. A number of rumors have recently circulated in the media that actions will be imminently taken against us by the Office of the Attorney General.


The corporate purpose and the main commercial activity of our company during almost 13 years' existence is trading with recyclable materials. We have been repeatedly and thoroughly monitored and controlled by the National Tax and Customs Authority of Colombia (DIAN), which requested information about our transactions with Mr. Arias companies and did not raise any concern about any of them. Between 2005 and 2015, those transactions accounted for 2% of our revenue. Mr. Juan Ricardo Ortega may attest to our willingness to cooperate with our company inspection conducted by DIAN.


Under oath, we represent and warrant that the only relationship of our company with Mr. James Arias, his companies, relatives, or collaborators is that of the legal trade of scrap metal. Furthermore, we never accepted any bribe from Mr. Arias or whosoever into favoring or taking part in the criminal acts he is now accused of and we became aware of by the media. We are attaching a list of all transactions between our company and Mr. Arias companies.


Our company has been pioneer in formalizing recycling in Colombia. In this sector, we are one of the few companies certified to BASC (certification related to smuggling prevention), ISO 9001 (process quality and standardization), ISO 14001 (environmental management), and OHSAS 18000 (occupational health and safety).


We reiterate our willingness to cooperate with authorities as usual. Additionally, we kindly ask you to check for any bribes offered to and/or any pressure put on Mr. Arias that may be detrimental to our rights and legal security.




Tomás Uribe Moreno
Jerónimo Alberto Uribe Moreno