Open letter sent by Óscar Iván Zuluaga to the Inspector General of Colombia

Bogotá, March 04, 2016


Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado
Inspector General of Colombia


Dear Mr. Inspector General:


I would like to inform you that, from yesterday, that I have become aware by various means, even by the media, that the Office of the Attorney General is intending to issue an arrest warrant against me.


I would just like to remind you that I am being investigated as a result of an infiltration premeditated against my presidential campaign and arranged by the Office of the Attorney General together with the Colombian Government, in order to prevent me from being elected as the president of Colombia, in spite of being the first round winner.


Apart from not being satisfied with his arbitrary decision of issuing an arrest warrant against Santiago Uribe, it all seems like the Attorney General of Colombia, Mr. Luis Eduardo Montealegre Lynett, intoxicated with his own power, intends to deprive me of freedom without any legal basis whatsoever, in alliance with the Colombian Government.


Apart from not being satisfied with having inappropriately and unconstitutionally intervened in the last presidential election, Atty. Gen. Montealegre, by using the media, summoned me to an inquest more than a year ago, in retaliation for a writ for protection of fundamental rights filed by my attorneys claiming observance of the due process.


Apart from not being satisfied with the fact that I appeared in his office for that inquest, Mr. Montealegre initiated a criminal investigation into my defense attorney, Mr. Jaime Granados, evidently in order to intimidate him and prevent me from exerting my right to counsel.


Apart from not being satisfied with persecuting me as the leader of opposition and incumbent Chairman of the Centro Democrático party, Mr. Montealegre is also persecuting Mr. Luis Alfonso Hoyos and my son, Mr. David Zuluaga, in order to solely blackmail me.


I am very much afraid that my recent statements, as a representative from the Centro Democrático party and on behalf of millions of citizens unsatisfied with the current Colombian Government, are being enough for Atty. Gen. Montealegre to allegedly consider issuing an unfair arrest warrant against me.


Please allow me to express myself clearly: Neither am I nor have I ever intended to be above the law. For having polled 7 million votes and chairing the main opposition party in Colombia, all I ask is not to be treated as though the fundamental rights bestowed by the Constitution upon any Colombian citizen are not applicable to me.


I kindly ask you to firmly and expeditiously exert your legal and constitutional powers in order to protect the rights systematically violated by the Office of the Attorney General whose aim is persecuting Colombian democratic opposition.




Óscar Iván Zuluaga

Former presidential candidate


Centro Democrático party

(The end)