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Letter to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Bogotá, D.C., September 7, 2016

Dear Madam and dear Sir:


First of all, we would like to emphasize both that the United States has been a very important ally of Colombia in defending democracy and liberties and fighting crime and that such an alliance has gone beyond administrations and political parties. Today, we are hereby writing to you to raise concerns about the latest events in Colombia related to the so-called Havana deals:

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297 pages for only one question asked in a rushed manner (in reference to the signing of the compromises)

Santa Marta, Friday, August 26, 2016

Voting No to plebiscite is the same as asking for the compromises to be reoriented!


A lady from the town of San Juan del Cesar told me that she was asked a question by her daughter who was forced to abort once her pregnancy resulted from rape by ringleaders and this lady replied to her daughter that her victimizers would not be jailed, could become mayors and councilmembers, and used to say they had nothing to regret or to apologize about. That girl ended the conversation with this sentence: “Mom: And am I being asked to forgive?”

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Our campaign for No vote: Uribe

Bogotá, D.C., August 03, 2016

“The incumbent Colombian administration, Congress majorities, Constitutional Court, and National Electoral Council intend to have Colombians vote Yes to plebiscite, while depriving them of the right to abstain, which will not be officially advertised. I am feeling it was yesterday when a group of teachers in 2003 – who were given all assurances – advertised (on TV) abstention against our referendum aimed at reducing public expenditure, shortening the amount of Congresspersons, and fighting corruption. Furthermore, this plebiscite deprives people of their right to vote blank, which will not be included in the paper ballot. 

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Mr. Bernie Aronson and the peace-related business

Spain, July 05, 2016.

I have always respected, admired, and expressed gratitude for the United States. However, Mr. Bernie Aronson's involvement in the peace talks held in Havana forces me to make the following comments.


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No more victims, please!

Bogotá, april 09, 2016

When will the victim toll stop soaring?

There will be more victims as long as drug trafficking is tolerated, illegal crops are neither sprayed nor manually eradicated, and there are no programs aimed at providing families with other sources of income in order to protect tropical forests.


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Open letter sent by Óscar Iván Zuluaga to the Inspector General of Colombia

Bogotá, March 04, 2016

To Alejandro Ordóñez Maldonado Inspector General of Colombia  Bogotá